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Lifetime Achievement

Tim Trainor

Geospatial Ambassador
of The Year

Kevin Pomfret

Geospatial Diversity
Champion of The Year

Nadine Alameh

Advancing Sustainability

Kate Raworth

National Geospatial
Agency of The Year

StateGeoCadastre, UKRAINE

Enabling Public

Australian Space Agency

Startup Company
of The Year


Geospatial Innovator
of The Year


Research, Science & Technology
Institution of The Year

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


As the geospatial industry undergoes a drastic process of transformation, disrupting established business models, creating new business processes and influencing economies across the world, there are some individuals and organizations whose enthusiasm and innovative thinking in their area of expertise have brought dramatic advancements in technologies, driving our industry towards the future.

Geospatial Leadership Awards acknowledge such champions. These are the individuals and organizations behind remarkable innovations and ideas, who are constantly experimenting and breaking barriers, who are always looking for new solutions to address critical challenges, and in the process create a huge impact on the society.

Geospatial World Leadership Awards are drawn from various categories to recognize the undisputed leader of the year in selective fields. These are the champions who are making a difference in our industry as well as our lives.

This year, for the first time, Geospatial World is opening nomination for these awards. Take a look at the categories below, and submit your nomination through March 31, 2022!

Important Dates

Nomination Deadline 31 March 2022
Awardees Notification 13 April 2022
Award Presentation 10 May 2022


Geospatial Ambassador of the Year

The Geospatial Ambassador of the Year award annually recognizes honorees in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the geospatial community. The award celebrates individuals who have taken geospatial's importance to heart and used it to produce fantastic work for technological, economic, and societal benefits; they promote geospatial ‘everywhere’. These individuals inspire the younger generation looking to build a career in the geospatial domain.

Geospatial Innovator of the Year

Innovation is the essence of the geospatial ecosystem and a key driver for long-term growth. Innovation formulates and implements new ideas such as inventing, improving, or replacing company processes, products and services. We want to hear from organizations developing such an innovative landscape of geospatial technologies.

This award recognizes and is open to all organizations that provide geospatial product-, solution-, or service-based innovation in work-based environments, from logistics, security, data management, construction & infrastructure, smart factories, and so on.

Startup Company of the Year

Providing the spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look—this award aims to find the best startup from around the globe that built new business, broken technology barriers, and is well on its way in making positive and lasting contributions to the geospatial community and beyond.

National Geospatial Agency of the Year

This award will celebrate the achievements and learn best practices from the national government geospatial agency that has gone beyond the technology to improve the government's experience radically, push the boundaries of how geospatial services are delivered, and increase benefits to citizens. The award competition is open to all public agencies at the national/federal, state/provincial, regional and local levels.

Geospatial Diversity Champion of the Year

In the journey of ‘making a difference through geospatial knowledge in the world economy and society’, we are responsible for ensuring no one is left behind. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (DE&I) brings value to all organizations and should be embedded into the DNA of the workplace.

This award celebrates individuals and organizations who champion DE&I every day within the geospatial ecosystem and beyond. They have a strong ethos of addressing imbalance and bringing the underrepresented into the conversation, free from prejudice and discrimination.

Enabling Public Policy

The award aims to recognize public policymakers and enablers that significantly influenced the formation or execution of public policy affecting geospatial or the geospatial ecosystem. This can be for service, training, or leadership in a technology position; for establishing a program in policy education or advice; for building the resources in technology policy; or other notable policy activity.

Experts from intergovernmental organizations, parliamentary networks, and government agencies are invited to nominate outstanding public policies.

Research, Science & Technology Institution of the Year

The prestige of the Research, Science & Technology Institution of the Year award underpins education and research institute’s efforts to raise the level of excellence in geospatial technology and research and strengthen the growing community of scientific talent across the globe.

The award aims to vigilantly reach out globally and identify the best institutions playing a crucial role in geospatial technology and its applications.

Advancing Sustainability

The Advancing Sustainability Awards will honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice across operations and management. We are looking for organizations that have successfully reduced the negative impact on the environment, including a new internal process, dropping a feature, and so on. We welcome nominations from geospatial businesses of all sizes, maturity, and location.

Change Maker Humanity Award

Geospatial is a lifeline in major humanitarian tasks and complex emergencies, providing critical data and geo-location access.

This award is specifically for services, initiatives, applications, solutions, or products that have been in place, developed, or deployed to provide support to humanitarian work, for example, natural disasters, refugee crises, or epidemics, in terms of speed and scale of support or through innovation that provides new ways to save and enhance lives.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Making a difference is never easy. Not only does it take years of hard work and persistence, but also a great deal of passion for a specific cause. While the entire world has recognized the importance of geospatial data and technology, the contributions of the people who have been promoting the technology and the industry for years deserve acknowledgment.

Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has exhibited outstanding, innovative, and visionary leadership in geospatial technology and industry growth. Past recipients include some of the industry’s most brilliant entrepreneurs, stalwarts, engineers, and leaders.

2020 Awardees


Meenal Dhande