Geospatial Green Deal & Digital Earth Alliance

11 May, 0930-1200 hrs, BUILDING 43 - LE CORBUSIER

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11 May 2022 0930 - 1200 hrs
Bruce McCormack, EUROGI Vice-President, IRLOGI Vice-President

Bruce McCormack


Bruce McCormack

EUROGI Vice-President, IRLOGI Vice-President
Prof. Josef Strobl, Prof. Dr. University of Salzburg, EUROGI Executive Committee Member, AGEO

Prof. Josef Strobl

University of Salzburg, EUROGI

Prof. Josef Strobl

Prof. Dr. University of Salzburg, EUROGI Executive Committee Member, AGEO

Geospatial Green Deal

This initiative taken by EUROGI Policy Portfolio Group, led by Bruce McCormack, aims to produce a synergic white paper proposing recommendations on how Geospatial Information and Analytics can advance the EU’s Green Deal Agenda. Experts, well-known in the Industry, Academia, and State Governments, in dialogue with DG Environment Representatives from the European Commission, are developing a Position Paper based on their discussion during a series of online meetings. The goal of the session in Amsterdam is to present their initial and consecutive findings and to interactively discuss them with all interested participants.

Digital Earth Alliance

The European Umbrella Organisation for Geoinformation addresses the need for increasing student numbers in academic programs. By launching “Digital Earth Alliance”, of higher educational institutions and departments, an umbrella brand across all relevant disciplines will be established for increased visibility, recognition and uptake of geospatial education. The initiative has been created by Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl, leader of the “Education and Capacity Building EUROGI Portfolio Group. The GWF is the ideal place to launch this action and we are looking forward to the input from the audience.