Speaker Bio & Abstract

Lison Leonetti Product Manager
Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence

BiographyLison Leonetti is a Product Marketing Manager at Airbus Defence and Space for OneAtlas Data Services and also an advocate of Earth Observation data democratisation within the industry. She has worked at Airbus for the past four years, working in diverse product management roles within the Defence and Geospatial community. She has a degree in International Trade Management specialising in the Asia Pacific region and is certified in Mandarin with C2 level, having lived in China for 2 years.AbstractIn our ever-changing world, insights are more important than ever to make informed decisions. Recent events, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic or the Evergreen cargo ship in the Suez Canal have demonstrated this need for rapid analysis. As geospatial users are overwhelmed by all the sources of data available, the key challenge is how to analyze this data timely and effectively. By relying on artificial intelligence technologies and qualified satellite imagery, analysis using imagery is automated and users can focus on insights while saving precious time. Main applications include automatic change detection over time, asset (e.g.: cars, aircraft, land use) identification and classification.

Satellite imagery, available from OneAtlas, provides users with capabilities to analyze data quickly and effectively. With the upcoming Pliades Neo 30cm imagery, offering the highest resolution, geolocation accuracy and revisit opportunities, users will have a higher level of detail and ground truth across multiple markets to help support economic recovery.