Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dick Ayres Co-Founder & CSO

BiographyDick is co-founder & CSO of Litterati, a community that's "crowdsource-cleaning" the planet. He specializes in developing growth strategies & transforming businesses.AbstractOur World Is Not an Ashtray - Using Location Intelligence to Combat Litter Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world, with 4.5 trillion discarded each year. In July 2020 Philip Morris International (PMI) launched “Our World Is Not an Ashtray,” a new global initiative to raise awareness and drive a long-term change in behavior and attitudes around cigarette butt littering. In partnership with Litterati, Cortexia, and CARTO—PMI has implemented a data-driven approach to assess the prevalence of cigarette butt litter across the globe; identify litter hotspots; and, monitor the impact of anti-littering activities.