Speaker Bio & Abstract

Lino Oliveira Senior Researcher

BiographySenior researcher and Geospatial Information Systems Engineering area leader at INESC TEC. Current research interests have been oriented to the management and development of national and international projects of geospatial information systems, based on OGC's emerging standards in governmental institutions and companies. He has been working in several national and international projects, in different areas such as port domain, e-services for logistics, industry, e-government, e-citizenship, viticulture. AbstractINFRAVINI - Thematic Spatial Data Infrastructure for Vineyard Climate Change Management Adapting to climate change is a major challenge facing the viticulture sector. Temporally, adaptation strategies and policies must address potential impacts in both the short- and long-term, whereas spatially, location-based, and context-specific adaptations are essential. Each wine growing region consist of unique contexts (terroirs), knowledge and understanding of the contextual factors and their interaction with the regional climate are essential to identify and prioritize adaptation initiatives at different temporal and spatial scales. A Thematic Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), with the role of supporting climate change impact in viticulture, that provides a decision support platform, including climatic and agronomic indicators, allowing winegrowers, in any wine region, to benefit from the cross-referencing local sensory and forecast climate information, would be an important tool to support quality of the decision making and therefore a sustainable grow of the economic results. This asset will enable to monitor both the impact of meteorological variability and the impact of climate change on certain spatially and temporally referenced territories. Will also allow to gather thematic information from several sources, in an interoperable way, contributing for creation a standardized repository of geographic and climate information.