Speaker Bio & Abstract

Bart Adams CTO

BiographyBart is the founder and CTO of xyzt.ai and has held senior leadership positions at Luciad and Hexagon where he was the Product Management Director and Chief Innovation Officer. Bart holds a PhD Computer Science KU Leuven and a Post-doc from Stanford University. AbstractLocalization and tracking technologies have matured over the past decades, from GPS and radar for outdoor tracking to Bluetooth and Ultrawideband technologies for indoor localization. We can now pinpoint anything moving about in our world. These tracking technologies generate vast amounts of location points with a 3D coordinate (xyz), a timestamp (t), and possibly many attributes. Though most tracking technologies are used for real-time use-cases such as routing or crowd monitoring, the historic dump of records can provide valuable insights into the efficiency, safety, and environmental and health situation. Location tracking data becomes enormous when looking at the past, and data-driven algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) are needed to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. In this talk, we will provide examples of how GeoAI and interactive analytics are used to extract insights into the movements of vessels in a major international maritime port: to detect anomalous, suspicious, and hazardous behavior.