Speaker Bio & Abstract

Sven Reulen Founder
The Netherlands

BiographyAs a geodata analyst himself, Sven became a freelancer providing clients with geospatial insights by creating innovative data models in iterative processes. After successful application of his work, he expanded into a company StraTopo, which focuses on practical geo solutions to society challenges.AbstractStraTopo has been providing data and geo software services for its clients, which led to atomized data models and company growth. This way, based on actual implementations, the StraTopo API came into existence. The API is constantly being expanded, several calls are already available for integration in any geo platform.

In his presentation Sven will go into data models concerning mobility, real estate and climate. You can expect straightforward data models, such as calculating the reachability of primary schools. Next to complex models, such as a traffic behavior simulation based on traffic counts which can be applied for calculating expected CO2 emission and modality behavior.

Join this talk if you want to get informed on a startup's journey in providing valuable insights with state of the art and practical geospatial modelling!