Speaker Bio & Abstract

Christian Sevcik Manager, Strategic Software Alliances

BiographyChristian Sevcik holds a master degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics of Graz University of Technology.

He is involved in the LiDAR industry since 1999, when he was working at the Institute of Digital Image Processing at Joanneum Research Graz.

Since 2003 he was Project Manager for Photogrammetry and Laserscanning at GeoDATA Informationstechnologie with a focus on terrestrial laser scanning.

2011 he joined RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems, in the role of Manager for Strategic Software Alliances.AbstractForest Inventory by means of LiDAR DataAt least 5 of the 17 sustainable development goals identified by the United Nations are directly related to nature and a diverse cultural landscape. With about one third of the Earth's landmass covered by forests, it is evitable that a sound knowledge of its condition is vital for getting a complete picture and taking the right actions. Furthermore the obvious impacts of the ongoing climate change, put the state of our forests in the spotlight of public interest. The assessment of forest stands used to be a domain of aerial and satellite imagery. With LiDAR sensors becoming more popular, the capturing of 3D forest data opened up a variety of new processing methods and more insights to the complex forest ecosystem. This talk will showcase the various methods of LiDAR applicable for forestry applications. We will spotlight terrestrial, UAV and aerial LiDAR acquisition methods and discuss the pros and cons.