Speaker Bio & Abstract

Bujed Pamungkas Global Sales Manager

BiographyBujed is an Indonesian national who is based in Tokyo, Japan in the current 10 years. He has academic background in urban planning, geo-information application for both spatial and disaster risk management, and urban transportation earned in three countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Japan. His career has been built around the area of consultancy in urban planning in the past, as well as strategic planning and business development for web-online business. Since September 2019 he has joined Synspective, a fast-growing space startup who builds radar satellite constellation and advanced geospatial solution services that was named as the world's fastest fund raising startup from accumulating over 100M USD only in 1.5year after foundation. His work in Synspective is revolving around customer solution engineering works heavily involving consulting sales for satellite-based solution products in BtoB setting. He handles various customers across APAC, Europe, and North America in the domain of asset management for government, construction, mining, and some other physical infrastructures.AbstractOne of major challenges in asset management works is the high monitoring cost of stability and deformation of the ground around critical physical infrastructure. Incremental cost for increasing the frequency and area coverage of conventional monitoring methods, like ground survey and sensor placement, is high. Drone survey using LiDAR will not be able to provide measurement over very small displacement, in addition to the high incremental cost for improving frequency and coverage of the monitoring. To fill this niche, radar satellite technology using the technique of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) analysis provides a displacement measurement in millimetre details, considerable high frequency, wide area coverage at a much lower cost, and with no requirements for personnel deployment. We will introduce application of this technology in monitoring risk of sinkhole hotspots as well as risk for damaged structures in areas around underground development. This solution is ideal for monitoring transportation assets, construction assets around underground development, and the evidence of its usability has also been widely present in monitoring assets around areas susceptible to unstable ground like in slope area, weak ground (e.g. reclamation land), or areas with fluctuating underground water.