Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mikael Stern CEO
I-CONIC Vision

BiographyWith a PhD in Remote Sensing and Image Processing from the Lund University (Sweden), Mikael Stern has spent most of his international career in the commercial space industry. He has had a number of C-level positions in Sweden, Italy and Germany, and he has been involved in a wide range of innovative business activities, from building the first commercial global ground station network to pioneering in newsgathering from space. In 2018, Mikael and his colleague Håkan Wiman conceived a new concept of creating real-time 3D models from drone video, and the year after they started I-CONIC Vision with the ambition to revolutionize how video is processed and how video can be perceived and utilized. AbstractReal-time Landslide Mapping with Drone Video. 3D models are important information in many disaster management situation. However, they take much too long time to produce. My presentation will illustrate how 3D models can be created and visualised in real-time, and thereby function as important actionable information for operational decision-makers.