Speaker Bio & Abstract

Edward Bagnall Sales Executive

BiographyEdward has 8 years of experience working with GIS and Utilities. For the last 3 years working out of Bern, Switzerland, Edward has been collaborating with Telecommunications companies from around the world and this provides him with a good understanding of how Geospatial data and processes can support the rapidly adapting market. AbstractFiber first and fasterThe increasing pace of developing new network technologies means that network providers, managers, and engineers need to document and manage new and complex information, but methods for meeting these needs have yet to be addressed in most existing network management systems.

In this presentation, 3-GIS' Tommy Siniard discusses how tier I service providers are taking the next step in physical network management by providing solutions that improve the speed of the network planning and construction while creating accurate and complete OSP geodatabase that can be leveraged throughout the service providers' business and operational systems.

Over the next few years, service providers will deploy millions of fiber strands with hundreds of thousands of splices and network components. The fiber network to support 5G is and will continue to be so much more complicated than what legacy engineering tools can build or what the traditional NOC applications can support.