Speaker Bio & Abstract

Marcel Broekhaar Program Leader Smart Society
City of Zwolle
The Netherlands

BiographyMarcel Broekhaar is program leader smart society at the city of Zwolle. He is a geographer with a passion for the power of location information. He has been working in the GIS field for 20 years. First at an engineering firm and now at the City of Zwolle. He believes that making new developments specifically applicable is the best thing to do. He also sees an important role for technology to connect residents of a city to the city's tasks. How do you involve residents so that they can use their talents for the city An example of a project in which this has been applied is SensHagen. residents, knowledge institutions, companies and governments work together here to gain insight into the local climate. Residents adopt a sensor and thereby collect valuable data that is ultimately converted into insights with which better decisions can be made. A good example of a smart society in which there is an interaction between the needs of the city, smart technology and the knowledge of people.