Speaker Bio & Abstract

Miriam Gonzalez Partnership Manager

BiographyMiriam is doing Partnerships at UP42, an Airbus subsidiary which is building the largest developer platform and marketplace to derive insights from geospatial data at scale. She has been co-founder of Geospatial projects based in Mobile Applications and Location Intelligence. For the past years Miriam has been highly involved in Mapping, promoting OpenStreetmap and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOTOSM) by giving workshops, conferences and coordinating efforts among Open Data key players. She co-founded Geochicas initiative where she promotes more women participation and knowledge sharing in the Geospatial spaces. Currently she is involved in Earth Observation, Data Analytics and Open Data initiatives.AbstractSolving Challenges in Geospatial Information by Developing an Open Platform and Marketplace That Democratizes Data Access and UsabilityAfter analyzing the current and future challenges in geospatial technologies to access and use data, at UP42 we identified three main challenges in working with geospatial data at scale.

It's difficult to integrate diverse data sources.
Not everyone has the resources or technical teams to develop processing algorithms to analyze data.
Setting up a computing infrastructure and having the availability to scale a project is not something all organizations can do for technical or resource reasons.

UP42 solves these three challenges by building a simple way to access different geospatial data sources such as satellite, aerial, drone, lidar, radar among many others, and combine them with algorithms on scalable computing infrastructure— enabling the end user to find answers regardless of industry, business size or expertise. Whether from the private sector, citizens, government or non-government organizations — UP42 is a reliable and easy-to-use geospatial ecosystem that is accessible. We are building an open platform and marketplace for Earth data and analytics that democratizes access to geospatial data, analytics, and solutions. In turn, the platform is opening up the ability for everyone to find answers to global questions and support decision making for diverse industries and sectors.