Speaker Bio & Abstract

Eduard Roccatello CTO

BiographyEduard Roccatello is the CTO and partner of 3DGIS, an Italian GIS company. He is leading the 3D geospatial R&D and also the lead software architect of Cityvu, 3DGIS' lidar and urban data visualizer.AbstractDeveloping an integrated cloud based web and mobile GIS system for road cadastre management and big data from LiDAR visualization of Friuli-Venezia Giulia RegionNowadays a Mobile Mapping System (MMS) normally collects big sets of photographic and LiDAR data in order to reliably survey and employ remote sensed data into the map making process. Digital map production has always involved big data but, whilst in the past data was only used to create a 2D map from 3D data, advances in data processing now offer new opportunities for both real-time visualization and subsequent usage. Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia called for tenders on survey and database production of its whole road cadastre. Past experiences of both road cadastre and 3D urban data management have set the foundation upon which our solution proposal has been built. Taking advantages from both 2D and 3D data representation, we have been able to deliver a comprehensive GIS platform taking in account the complete lifecycle of both graph and non-graph data, from collection to update. A WebGIS have been developed to make 2D and 3D data work together, streaming LiDAR directly in the browser alongside color information, for off the field measures in order to create new features. An Android app has also be developed to bring data on the field, which could be used to accomplish further surveys or maintenance.