Speaker Bio & Abstract

Peter Baumann CEO & Professor of Computer Science
rasdaman GmbH & Jacobs University

BiographyPeter Baumann is entrepreneur, business founder, and Professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University, researching on datacube services and their application in science and engineering. With the rasdaman engine he and his team have pioneered actionable datacubes and Array Databases, with over 160 scientific publications and international patents. The rasdaman datacube engine is successfully commercialized internationally and has received a series of innovation awards. Peter Baumann is editor of the core datacube standards in ISO and OGC.AbstractNever before we had the volume and variety of data available that sensors and software - such as AI - provide, and it is massively increasing continuously. Here a dilemma arises: while we strive for more and more powerful services and global availability of any pixel at any time we also must keep control over their access and distribution. This calls for powerful, yet easy to administer access control mechanisms suitable for Big data, and aware of the spatio-temporal semantics, among other requirements.

In our talk we illustrate how pixel-accurate access control is possible on open-standards geospatial APIs. The concepts apply not only to single deployments but extend naturally into federations with location-transparent access and fusion.