Speaker Bio & Abstract

Romain Charlon Product Manager

BiographyRomain Charlon was radio network designer at Alcatel-Lucent during few years, planning 4G networks for most of Latin America countries. Now product manager at LuxCarta, his role is to design new maps specifications to answer follow wireless technologies needs.AbstractUsing 3D accurate geospatial information to plan 5G networksDigital cities will rely on 5G. The last generation of cellular network will enable to connect people and devices everywhere and offer many services. To ensure full connectivity and high performances (throughput, latency), 5G networks must be planned and designed very accurately. This is a challenge for mobile operators as far as the propagation and the maximum cell range is highly reduced by high frequencies (c-bands and even more for mmWaves). One the most important input to plan accurately wireless networks is the geospatial information. Depending on the location, height and density of obstacles (buildings, trees, etc) and also on the terrain elevation, the propagation of the signal will vary. LuxCarta models the cities into accurate and 3-dimensional geospatial information, including 3D models of man-made features, vegetation and terrain. These models are derived from high-resolution satellite stereo imageries, and are used within specialized software to simulate the propagation phenomena of the signal (attenuation, diffraction, diffusion, reflection, etc.) and at the end to dimension the network and plan its best configuration to balance between cost and quality.