Speaker Bio & Abstract

Peter Rose Managing Director

BiographyOrbica Europe Managing Director Peter Rose has a Bachelor of Engineering (HONS, civil engineering), a Master of Business Administration and a wealth of experience tackling complex challenges and leading multi-million-euro projects internationally. AbstractUsing Location to Visualize Sustainable Development GoalsFor a major agricultural chemical company, Orbica told the story of the projects they fund to meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in many countries worldwide. By applying the SDGs this company empowers the smallholder farmers in developing countries that feed two thirds of the world's population. Orbica developed an interactive, public web application that combines engaging narrative, maps and graphics and gives users the ability to share specific project stories on social media.

The app increases awareness of the value and success of funded agricultural sustainability programs which build knowledge, expertise, sustainable practices, and ultimately prosperity in smallholder communities. The main feature of this app is that is is location and map focused so the user sees these projects and their effects on a global scale. Orbica developed the app with opensource geospatial technologies including Leaflet, GeoServer, and PostGIS.

This has generated high engagement in the app and on social media. Orbica is working with clients in a wide range of industries to apply this approach to their narratives and geographic data. The challenge in deploying this technology is that each client has different data and narrative that needs bespoke design and development.