Digital Twinning, 3D, sensors; the integration of it all, empowered by the quadruple helix

Thursday, 21 October 2021 | 0930-1100 hrs

More and more social issues require an integrated spatial overview to come to proper analysis, design choices, dialogue, decision-making, monitoring and implementation. This is increasingly happening in a digital environment with a digital copy of the (planned) reality. The innovations on Digital Twinning, 3D and sensors are important to be integrated to meet this increasing demand.

Kadaster contributes by making reliable data accessible to everyone by connecting and providing certainty. What’s needed to successfully boost this digital revolution to create the most value for society will be discussed in this interactive workshop starting from the perspective of the quadruple helix. The power of the collaboration of the government, academic, business and civil society can drive structural changes far beyond the scope of any one organization could achieve on its own. So in this workshop you will learn more about the Dutch developments and you will participate in the ideation on how we can create the most value empowering the quadruple helix.

Hosted by
Linda ter Heerdt, Innovation Lead, Kadaster,

Linda ter Heerdt


ter Heerdt

Innovation Lead