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For over a decade, Geospatial World Forum (GWF) has been the premium geospatial industry platform that connects professionals and leaders representing the entire geospatial ecosystem.

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“Geospatial Infrastructure & Digital Twin: Empowering Circular Economy”

Today’s world runs on data. Thanks to the 4th Industrial Revolution, data has become a ubiquitous globalized commodity at the heart of economies and societies. The new Data Economy is driving digital transformation across industries. Further advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics in various industries have produced one of the most disruptive tools in Data Economy known as the Digital Twin.

National Digital Twin needs a robust Geospatial Infrastructure, which collectively becomes an indispensable tool for sustainable economic recovery.

Plenary Focus: Next Generation Geospatial Infrastructure Strategy
  • National Geospatial Agencies’ transition towards Data Economy
  • How the next generation Geospatial Infrastructure strategy can fuel development of National Digital Twin?
  • How the Geospatial-enabled National Digital Twin can play a role in achieving the Circular Economy vision?

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