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Location-based Innovations: Does the Industry Need More Startups?4 Apr 2019 0900 - 1030 hrs
ModeratorHarsha Vardhan Madiraju, Sr. Manager Corporate Marketing & IT, Geospatial Media and Communications, India
Harsha Vardhan Madiraju
Sr. Manager Corporate Marketing & IT
Geospatial Media and Communications
Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google, United Kingdom
Ed Parsons Geospatial Technologist
United Kingdom
Marjel Quekel, Accelerator Director, Rockstart, The Netherlands
Marjel Quekel Accelerator Director
The Netherlands
Berend van Hemel, Startup Mentor, Founder, Market Extension, The Netherlands
Berend van Hemel Startup Mentor
Founder, Market Extension
The Netherlands
Will Cadell, Chief Executive Officer, Sparkgeo, Canada
Will Cadell Chief Executive Officer
Startup Pitch Competition4 Apr 2019 1130 - 1300 hrs
Taras Matselyukh, Chief Executive Officer, OPT/NET BV,  The Netherlands
Taras Matselyukh Chief Executive Officer
The Netherlands
Miguel Marques, Founder & CEO, MapIdea, Portugal
Miguel Marques Founder & CEO
Xavier Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer, SmartMonkey,  Spain
Xavier Ruiz Chief Executive Officer
Arjen Vrielink, Director, Satelligence, The Netherlands
Arjen Vrielink Director
The Netherlands
Waldemar Franczak, Founder & CEO, Spectator.Earth,  Poland
Waldemar Franczak Founder & CEO
Fabian Bruckschen, Founder | Technology & Operation, Knuper,  Germany
Fabian Bruckschen Founder | Technology & Operation
Paul Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, Geomatic Ventures, United Kingdom
Paul Bhatia Chief Executive Officer
Geomatic Ventures
United Kingdom


Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Key to Economic Growth

There is more to economic growth than just an entrepreneurial spirit. It requires the support and desire of the nation as a whole. Why government and big corporations need startups? What are the most sought-after innovations that could help the government solve urgent problems? What kind of synergies can startup expect from collaboration with big corporations? Find out the answers through insightful keynotes and panel discussion on Startup-Corporate Collaboration and the Role of Government.

Location-based Startup Success Stories: The Winning Formula

Entrepreneurs who have found startup success will tell you how they translated their life experiences into startup gold. Listen to their stories. Learn from their mistakes. This will be an awesome learning opportunity for innovators who are taking the first steps toward entrepreneurship.

Geospatial World Startup Award: Location, AI, Machine Learning

Yes, this is a competition, and we’re giving away a big reward to one startup with the most innovative and scalable idea. If you have a brilliant idea on how location-technology can address critical issues, submit a short write-up to us, we’ll give the best 8 ideas a chance to pitch in front of the startup experts at the event.

Accelerators vs Incubators: Best Option for Scalability

Understand the scalability of your innovation. Find out the difference between accelerators and incubators, and which one suits your startup.

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This is your chance to find passionate team members, top-notch mentors, future business partners and even potential investors. We’re bringing the brightest minds of the startup scene in one place, in one day. Take advantage of them!