Speaker Bio & Abstract

Gerdy Seynaeve Innovation Manager

BiographyWorking in telecom for over 25 years, the first 20 mainly in engineering the mobile network of Proximus (both radio & core) where I developed a passion for using data to gain insights. The last 5 years, I have been working on translating data into new business for external customers. At first focussing on business development using location data, but now more and more on the combination of various data sources. Fond of making sense out of data, big data applications, machine learning & AI.AbstractThis presentation is about how a mobile operator like Proximus uses anonymised and aggregated location data from devices on its network in order to create GeoInsights.

As the data is collected 24/7, this enables us to create continuous insights that also take the time aspect into account, with unprecendented resolution, without the need for dedicated installations.

Actual use cases include visitor analytics (showing the amount of visitors and their behaviour in a certain place) crowd management (near real time visitor counting), mobility (identifying the overall people transportation demand). By combining this data with other datasets, we can create even more relevant insights for many different applications. Especially if this data is also space/time oriented data.