Speaker Bio & Abstract

Feodor Mayow Deputy Unit Manager
WSP Game Studio

BiographyFeodor Mayow is a Helsinki based-designer with a background in furniture and industrial design currently working on creating visual tools for project communication. Feodor is passionate about helping city planners and the construction industry convey their future visions to partners and citizens.

Feodor works as the Assistant Business Unit Manager at WSP, which is a globally recognized professional services firm. Since 2015 Feodor has been an integral part of a team inside WSP that utilizes game thinking and advanced media technologies in creating high quality 3d-applications. The team has since grown into a business unit called WSP Game Studio. AbstractUrban climate change mitigation calls for changes in the way we design our cities. Green Infra audits guide city growth and the construction industry towards a more sustainable outcome. Visualizing these audits and making them more understandable is key in getting all stakeholders invested. Combining location data, mass analytics, 3d-city models and green infrastructure into an auditing tool, we can more efficiently realize the potential and importance of a greener environment.

Case study: VIA Kalasatama, shows how to bring together different stakeholders through a visual auditing tool. The recently developed Kalasatama district of the City of Helsinki offered an interesting test ground being an area of relatively compact city development. The aim was to visualize cramped ecosystem services in the area and offer scenarios of increased green infrastructure. We created an application that presents important contact points through 360-degree imagery and lets the users interactively survey different scenarios. The application proved to be a valuable collaboration tool for all stakeholders and offered insight into developing the next version of Green Infra auditing.

VIA Kalasatama pilot is an in-house collaboration between WSP Finlandís Game Studio and Resilient Landscape units. It is a part of a larger Green Space Factor Auditing scheme funded by the KIRA-digi initiative.