Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ton de Vries Senior Director, Business Development
Bentley Systems

AbstractDigital cities only improve their intelligence when the organizations that design them continue going digital. Going digital for cities requires the availability of a current digital twin of their built environment, combined with descriptive information and big data that intelligent infrastructure provides with IoT devices sensors, RFIDs, smart phones, and cloud services The combination of all these data sources is the basis for digital analysis and predictive information, resulting in smarter operations of the city and the ability to offer new and enhanced services to citizens. Bentleys solutions cover the entire lifecycle of intelligent infrastructure for cities, with the city-scale digital twin as the backbone of this process. By going digital, cities can integrate digital engineering models with enterprise and operational data in a connected data environment to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time. When stakeholders have accurate and reliable information they make better-informed decisions that result in better outcomes, making public services safer, more cost effective, reliable, and resilient.