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Iqra Nazir Hadoop Administrator

BiographyIqra Nazir, having more than 6 years of experience in Spatial and non-Spatial databases with public and private sector. Currently working as Hadoop administrator with TERADATA, before that I completed my bachelors in computer sciences(BS(CS)) and completed Masters in Geographical information systems (MS(RS&GIS). I am an avid learner, passionate to enhance my skill in development of geo-spatial and no geospatial technology for application in various fields.)AbstractIqra Nazir, Hamid Mehmood | Space Science, IST Institute of Space Technology Islamabad, Pakistan The countries with high rate of natural hazards need an effective disaster management policy. Pakistan is one of the countries which is vulnerable to natural hazards. It lacks effective communication and disaster recovery plan in case of emergency. Lack of effective recovery system and weak communication can lead to loss of life and harm to material goods and properties as well. The world is in the age of technology now and the use of new technologies like smartphones play an imperative role in making the emergency system effective. In the developing nations, the mobile phone devices have emerged as a popular tool for communication between locals, government officials and first responders in case of emergency. For improving the mobile-based disaster management system (MDMS), a mobile phone application, named Rescue Me, has been developed using different open source and free software such as Swift, firebase and open weather API. The iOS application Rescue Me offers precise consensus data based on real-time monitoring for the earthquake struck areas. The app includes such features which report and monitor the crisis situations occurring in Pakistan in real time. The app also informs about the intensity of disaster during its occurrence. It also provides the best exit route in the vicinity and informs the whereabouts of the user to his friends and family. As the mobile phones are quite handy and easily accessible to all, so providing a mobile-based disaster management system to people, using open and free source software, makes it an affordable and portable platform to address all the obstacles to an effective communication and rescue system in case of emergency.