Speaker Bio & Abstract

Shayan Nikoohemat PhD Candidate
ITC - University of Twente
The Netherlands

BiographyShayan Nikoohemat has an MSc in Cartography from an Erasmus program among three universities: TU Munich, TU Vienna and TU Dresden (2011-2014). He is approaching the end of his PhD at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, the Netherlands. His research is on 3D reconstruction of indoor models from point clouds for disaster management. Shayan has extensive skills in LIDAR data processing and geo-information. His project is part of an NWO and Map4Society project so called Smart Indoor 3D Models (SIMs3D). AbstractSmart 3D models of buildings provide valuable insight to professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) about the current status of building structures. These 3D models are referred in the industry as the digital twin or Building Information Models (BIM) and represent the physical structure of the building interiors. Thanks to the mobile laser scanners, it is possible to scan a large building (e.g. with hundred rooms) in several hours. However, the process of converting the raw data into smart 3D models is labor-intensive and time consuming. Our technology expedites this by automating the process and providing the 3D models within a day. The suggested automated pipeline imposes consistency within the topology of the generated models, which normally is a time consuming and expensive process when achieved by experts. The proposed solution demonstrates innovation in terms of the algorithms used to obviate human errors and decreases production costs.