Speaker Bio & Abstract

Marnix van der Wolk Senior Account Manager
The Netherlands

AbstractFor many years, laser scanning has been used as a method to capture as built information to form the basis for the design intent in refurbishment and alterations projects. Traditionally this has been a process undertaken by Surveyors and Engineers acting on a sub-contract basis for Designer and Main Contractors. Due to combinations of the advancement of data capture hardware, analysis software and visualization technology, a growing trend is emerging for the adoption of laser scanning technology throughout the full lifecycle of a built asset.

This session will focus on the use of the laser scanning and projection technology during the construction phase of a project.

We will look at how this detailed site data capture technique can form the basis of multiple applications such as on site design verification, clash detection, tolerance analysis along with the methods which can be used to record, communicate and review important site information as the project progresses.

We will also look into our product Scan Plan, which captures live 2D floor plans.

Key Learning Points

Learn how laser scanning technology and software can be used to enhance the progressive recording of construction projects.

Learn how laser can be used for verification of site work against design models.

Learn how laser scanning combined with projection and AR technology can help digitize onsite construction tasks.

Learn our product, Scan Plan.