Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ng Siau Yong Director, GeoSpatial and Data & Chief Data Officer
Singapore Land Authority

BiographyNg Siau Yong is the Director of GeoSpatial and Data & Chief Data Officer at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). He is responsible for driving and establishing a collaborative geospatial environment in Singapore. He oversees the formulation, design and management of the policy and programme for geospatial information governance, infrastructure and technology development, capacity building, and the use of geospatial systems in data analytics. Siau Yong is an urban planner by training. He has previously served a number of Singapore government ministries and agencies in strategic and local planning, land policy and land asset management. Siau Yong had been actively involved in tertiary education. He last taught Urban Planning and Urban Policy in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes as Adjunct Associate Professor with the National University of Singapore.AbstractLocation-based Services Infrastructure, Markets and Revenue