Speaker Bio & Abstract

Remco Dolman Chief Executive Officer
The Netherlands

BiographyRemco Dolman is the CEO and founder of Spotzi. Remco founded the company in 2014. His goal is to help companies find new locations where they can grow their business or find new customers. The result is a data driven application which is being used by thousands of businesses worldwide. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Remco started his career as a Civil Engineer. In 2006 he founded D-Risk which was focused on Risk Management for Insurance Companies. As natural hazards posed a risk for Insurance Companies the idea grew to build a location intelligence platform where companies can focus on finding opportunities instead of risks. That resulted into Spotzi.

As a CEO of Spotzi, Remco is responsible for driving the company’s growth so they can help more companies discovering new opportunities. AbstractSpotzi helps companies find new locations where they can grow their business or find new customers. This is done by not only providing GIS tools but also by providing high quality location data. In more than 10 countries Spotzi knows what kind of people live at an address and what the property they live in looks like. In over 60 countries they are able to serve this data at postal code level.

A property developer in the Netherlands is a big fan of Spotzi. They use Spotzi to help their clients make better decisions. Their clients are typically owners of distribution centers across the Netherlands. When they want to expand to other locations they typically decide on their gut feeling. The property developer shows them to leave their gut feeling and pick a location based on location intelligence. By using Spotzi the property developer is able to give insights into property prices, education, public transport and suppliers. By analyzing these datasets, a location will pop-up which has lower monthly costs and is more strategically located. Remco Dolman, CEO and founder of Spotzi will showcase this analysis at the Geospatial World Forum.