Speaker Bio & Abstract

Maximilian Weber Senior Vice President, EMEA
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

BiographyMaximilian Weber is the senior vice president of EMEA for Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division. Weber has more than 25 years of experience within Hexagon, serving in various executive roles throughout the years, such as general manager, business unit manager, and sales manager. Prior to joining Hexagon, Weber worked at Bentley Systems, Mannesmann Mobilfunk (vodafone), and Bavarian Hydro-electric Plants in Munich. He has a degree in surveying from Munich University of Applied Sciences.AbstractA smart city has to be a connected and safe city based on a secure digital infrastructure. The necessary basics are safety and smooth-running operations in critical utilities, transportation and emergency services. Safety in cities and densely populated areas depends on multiple services in a working with singular purpose on common objectives. However, there is no overall view of risk, no single responsible authority, and no unified funding that spans across public and private sector services and levels of government. Hexagon helps cities and communities to become safer and more resilient by providing connectivity between systems, collaboration between teams, and greater intelligence in operations, which leads to sustainable solutions and more accountable services.