Speaker Bio & Abstract

Daniel Watson Technical Solutions Manager
Thales UK
United Kingdom

BiographyIím an experienced Railway Signalling Systems Engineer, presently employed as a Technical Solution Manager for Ground Transportation Systems on behalf of Thales UK. I specialise in delivery of Communication Based train Control (CBTC) systems for MTR (Hong Kong) and London Underground, with an extensive appreciation of interrelating systems. Over the past 18 months I have been leading the delivery of a transformation to use geospatial systems & technologies for the resignalling project on London Underground.AbstractTraditionally design and installation activities for wayside equipment on the railway infrastructure has been completed using relative one-dimensional references along the guideway. During a resignalling project for London Underground, a transformation to use geospatial technologies was introduced whereby the location references were converted into GPS co-ordinates to allow for equipment to be located and installed using GNSS equipment. The chosen GNSS solution for this project is the Trimble Catalyst equipment supported by Korecís K-mobile application. This presentation details the process taken during this transformation, the challenges faced and achievements made.