Speaker Bio & Abstract

Chris Derksema Sustainability Director
City of Sydney

BiographyChris played an integral role in the development of Sustainable Sydney 2030, a vision for Sydneys future, and is now responsible for developing and implementing strategy and actions to achieve ambitious environmental and climate change goals. Chris believes that cities, as the home to the majority of people in the world, are critical to achieving global climate goals; and that climate action done well should also deliver broader social, economic and cultural value for communities. Under Chriss direction, City of Sydney was Australias first carbon neutral government organisation. Prior to working at the City, Chris was the founding Technical Manager at the Green Building Council of Australia. Chris has an Environment Engineering Degree, and Executive MBA and is a recipient of the Vincent Fairfax Leadership and Ethics Award.AbstractThe carbon intensity of grid electricity has traditionally been very high making energy efficiency a key action for cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Demand management and energy efficiency are needed for smoothing out peaks and ensuring optimal use of the electricity networks, especially as more renewable and decentralised energy comes online. Many cities have undertaken studies to understand opportunities for energy efficiency and local renewables. The challenge faced is how to most effectively spend effort and resources to reduce and optimise energy use. Data and digital connectivity provide valuable insights and drive the changes needed in energy systems and regulations to improve performance now and for many years to come. Hear how a City government has been able to create real measurable change in energy use, not only locally, but also more broadly across Australia.