Speaker Bio & Abstract

Alexander van Noort Global Director, Land Site Charaterisation
The Netherlands

BiographyAlexander van Noort was born and raised in Maastricht, the South of the Netherlands, the city at the heart of the design of the European Union. After a MSc from Delft in Applied Earth Sciences, specialized in Engineering Geology, he spent the first 17 years of his career with Schlumberger. Working his way up from field engineer in West-Africa, Kazakhstan, Europe and South-East Asia via various management positions in France, Romania and Indonesia to ultimately as strategist in Houston, Texas. His experience varies from operational management, to communication and coaching, making multicultural and diversified teams perform, to innovation and (digital) business strategies. Strengthened by an MBA from Edinburgh and various development certificates, his professional career exposed him to a geographic variety of more than 50 countries. Each location adding to the conviction that if you coach the team to be motivated, energized and operate in combined autonomy, then ultimately they will outperform and the business will be a success.

By a short side-step as COO for Royal IHC, he landed as Global director for Land Site Characterization within the leadership team of Fugro, returning to his educational expertise: analyzing, visualizing and interpreting the shallow subsurface in support of everything that humankind wants to build. His belief is that we, Fugro, can support the world with a sustainable and inclusive view of the subsurface in real-time, which will improve human construction challenges.Abstractsfdsdfdsfsd