Speaker Bio & Abstract

Pankaj Mishra Deputy Director
Survey of India

BiographyPankaj Mishra is an Electronics engineer by education; a Surveying, Mapping & GIS expert by profession with key interests in Geo-spatial Data-Infrastructure technologies and Standardisation. He completed his Bachelor degree in Engineering with specialisation in Electronic & Communication from Delhi College of Engineering (presently Delhi Technological University) at Delhi, India. He has undergone induction training in various key technological areas viz Missile Systems/Subsystems, GPS applications, Antenna Systems, Radar systems, Microwave systems etc at Institute of Armanent Technology (presently Defence Institute of Advanced Technology), Pune. He has been trained in Surveying, Mapping and GIS at Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping, Hyderabad in Photogrammetry, Geodesy, Land Surveying, Topographical Mapping, Cartography and GIS. He has been an active member in various committees/Boards constituted by GOI for various technological initiatives, policies and programmes covering geospatial sector. He is a life member of Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) and Certified land Surveyor of Institution of Surveyors. Pankaj started his professional journey as Scientist in Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) and extensively worked on integrated design and Counter Measures technologies. He joined Central government Engineering Services through UPSC Engineering Services Examination (ESE) in year 2002. Since then he has been working with Survey of India (SoI), National mapping Agency (NMA) of the country in various roles and responsibilities in the field of Land surveying, Topographical Mapping, Mobile Mapping etc in the country. He has been SoI team leader in 30th ISEA (Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica) and worked in Antarctica to cater for all surveying & mapping requirements particularly in the critical phase of establishing India’s new Research station at Bharati, Larsmann Hills, Antarctica. He has vast experience of Topographical Surveying & Mapping at various scales in the areas like Brahmaputra Valley/Lower Assam/Central Assam/Nagaland/Parts of Meghalaya in North Eastern India, Plains of Punjab & Haryana and Challenging Larseman hill area in Antarctica using state of the art instrumentation/technologies. Pankaj is an expert in International border delineation, demarcation, relocation and maintenance activities for the Govt of India with extensive field experience of handling sensitive India-Pakistan (Western Sector) I.B for many years. He is also an expert in Inter-State or Intra-State border issues or Court matters involving delineation, demarcation, relocation and maintenance activities with extensive field experience of handling UP-Haryana Inter-state boundary (ISB), UP-Bihar ISB matters, AP-Karnataka ISB matter. Pankaj specialises in geo-spatial data standardisation and integration with keen interest in development of data quality improvement processes a major area of concern in data generation agencies under Govt of India. He is an expert in Project Planning, Monitoring & Management for projects of National Importance involving use of latest geo-spatial technologies, standards and practices with focus on generation and use of high resolution geo-spatial data of various kinds including delivery mechanism. Presently working as Deputy Surveyor General (Technical) in the Survey of India Headquarter at Surveyor General office, Dehradun since year 2015 and spearheading all technical activities of Survey of India under the visionary guidance of Surveyor General of India.AbstractGeo-Spatial Information and Services for the Development