Speaker Bio & Abstract

Yuchen Luo International Sales Representative

BiographyYuchen Luo, majored in MS Information Systems, the International Sales Representative of SpaceWill. SpaceWill, the data provider for European Space Agency (ESA) and Netherlands Space Office (NSO); the authorized distributor of Chinese satellite data; is a leading provider of the EO satellite data and GIS service. Its business covers optical and SAR satellite imagery, value added products, software and solutions. SpaceWill is also the commercial operator of the SuperView-1 satellite constellation, which composed of 4 identical VHR EO satellite running alone the same orbit. AbstractGoverning our environments rich and diverse natural resources is an increasingly complex challenge. With the development of Geospatial technologies, people recognized that good environmental governance should take all factors in to account, from governments to NGOs, the private sector and the commercial sector. Worldwide cooperation becomes critical to achieve the effective governance that help us moving forward and a more sustainable future.

With more than 40 partners in the world, SpaceWill (formally known as SpaceView) is the Earth Observation satellite data provider, which provides diversity satellite imagery data with VHR, high, medium and low resolution not only including SuperView-1, but also GF-1, GF-2, ZY-3, HJ-1A&B etc.

The session will give the audience a brief introduction of our satellites and mainly focus on how the satellite imagery data can be used for environmental governance by using the real imagery captured by our satellites. With case study I will prove how satellite images can be used to enable environmental governance and in order to meet different needs and requirements Multi-sensor selecting is also the key point to the environmental governance.