Speaker Bio & Abstract

Lex Ransijn Chief Executive Officer
The Netherlands

AbstractProject Pontsteiger is a 90 meter Luxury Residential housing project in the center of Amsterdam, raised out of the water of the main channel the IJ. On this project we proved that multi-disciplinair design and production coordination throughout IFC is possible. With more than 50 different disciplines delivering IFC, over 350 unique IFC's, over 3500 different versions of IFC. The coordination was the basis of the collaboration between design parties and production parties. The basic conditions set at the beginning of the project were: work with Open Standards, the will to work together & share knowledge, process oriented and focus on Information delivery. BIM was not an option, it was mandatory! And through all: Keep it simple! Thereby setting a new standard in the Netherlands, also known as the BIM basic IDM. Furthermore, we used BCF for communication between the different disciplines. With over 6000 bcf issues, our complete issue management was done with BCF. It was the first large project done in the Netherlands using BCF and BIM collab. All the different disciplines used the add-in within their native software to use BCF and communicate over the issues. For this achievement we won the buildingSMART openBIM Award 2018 in the category Construction.