Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ari Nurkkala City Director
City of Raahe

BiographyAri Nurkkala is a Mayor of the City of Raahe, Finland. Early years career consists of international sales, consultancy and academic career. Currently he works for the municipality of Raahe. Aris free time is devoted to family and hobbies of which the new one is scuba diving, while the other hobbies are kayaking and mountain biking. Professionally special interests are strategic municipal development and planning, finding new ways of citizen participating and leadership.AbstractCity of Raahe is located on the shore of the Bothnian Bay. Raahe was established in 1649 as a harbour city. Since then our ships have sailed all the seven seas during the past 370 years.

Raahe is under construction in many ways. Presentation shows you two cases of early involvement planning with helping applications. Raahe has reached a state of being a forerunner in urban planning applications and early involvement. This is done by using the best available techniques in our processes, allowing everyone to participate by using digital and traditional methods, 3D-planning, VR, map based online surveys and traditional workshops. Our motto is to do it together and in good spirit. The biggest challenge was to modernize our methods from traditional working methods to digital stage in one giant leap.