Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mohan Raju Masters Student
ITC-University of Twente
The Netherlands

BiographyCurrently pursuing Master's in Geo-information science and earth observation for Geo-Informatics at ITC-University of Twente, Netherlands. Holds over 5 years of experience in data sciences, urban studies and geo-spatial analysis in regime of development research.AbstractMohan Raju, Akhil Sampatirao, Athithya S Loganathan, Sai Ganesh | ITC - University of Twente Driven by a curiosity of understanding the interplay of digital technology and infrastructure, this paper explores into comprehending the seamless transitioning between the visible and invisible infrastructure, specifically the traffic patterns of Bengaluru city, by taking a case of an individual travelers experience and extrapolating it to a larger scale, which could at a community level or a regional level. This paper attempts to visualize the changing traffic patterns of the city and its impacts, i.e. time delay, by comparing and overlaying the citys traffic dataset with the individual travel dataset. Furthermore, it attempts to delineate the underlying causes for traffic delays, coupled with the development of a python-based tool that will allow to calculate the length of traffic using the data sets recorded during the time-period of the study. Visualization of the traffic patterns were looked at in two levels. At one level, the traffic data for the entire city was collected from Google Maps and at another level, the travel data of one individual traveler was recorded for a period of 90 days. This approach attempts to open a new forum for traffic predictions that is based on the repository of data that was collected in the process.