Speaker Bio & Abstract

Warakan Supinajaroen PhD Student, Knowledge Center Open Data
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands

BiographyWarakan is a PhD student at Knowledge Center Open Data, Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on the access policy and the sustainability of Positioning Infrastructure Ecosystem. He earned B.Eng in Survey Engineering and M.Phil in System Dynamics.AbstractWarakan Supinajaroen, Bastiaan van Loenen | Delft University of Technology Positioning Services play an important role in the production and utilisation of geospatial data. They are also underlying the democratisation in the geospatial community. The success of positioning services in such manners relies on its access which allows equality of the service use by users in their spatial activities.

In general, the access is considered from the providers aspect where the data policy and business model are focused. However, positioning services also rely on users aspect where access to equipment, knowledge and reasons to access should be accounted. Considering both aspects will provide optimisation of positioning services as well as a better condition to support geospatial democratisation --the providers provide the positioning services, and the users can use.
This topic, as part of geospatial data access policy of Positioning Infrastructure research, will highlight the importance of the access to positioning service from users' aspect in different contexts. Two key considerations will be discussed including users capabilities and reasons to access. The reflection should have some impact on a paradigm shift about positioning service access policy and the relevant contexts. Besides, it should also raise awareness for the geospatial community about the challenge in geospatial democratisation through the access to positioning service lens.