Speaker Bio & Abstract

Anne Hale Miglarese Founder & CEO
Radiant Earth Foundation

BiographyAnne Hale Miglarese, founding CEO of Radiant Earth Foundation, is committed to providing geospatial analytics using imagery and mapping data to empower informed decision-making to help solve the developing world’s greatest social, economic and environmental challenges. Anne has extensive government and private sector experience in Geospatial technologies. Prior to launching Radiant Earth Foundation in Aug. 2016, she served as President and CEO of Fugro Earth Data, as President and CEO of PlanetiQ and a Principal Director at Booz Allen Hamilton. Anne has also worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the SC Water Resources Commission and the SC Department of Natural Resources.  AbstractGeospatial data are considered increasingly essential to supporting communities in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Whether it is to design and monitor projects, support evidence based decision-making or visualize the interconnectedness of the goals, spatial data and SDG monitoring have become synonymous. The good news is that the Earth observation landscape continues to evolve in a positive direction for the global development community. From the growth in higher resolution satellite imagery available, to innovations that improve the interoperability and usability of data, frequent monitoring of the SDGs is finally within grasp for more governments than just a select few. However, what remains challenging for practitioners is the lack of access to relevant imagery data, as well as the tools needed to discover, assess and interpret the data. Radiant Earth Foundation’s open technology platform minimizes the barriers of data access and analysis, allowing decisions makers direct access to solve their problems locally. In addition to helping the global development community discover remotely sensed data and tools, Radiant Earth Foundation also empowers the community to use spatial data through its capacity building program, enabling practitioners to monitor and implement solutions for the SDGs.