Speaker Bio & Abstract

Hannah Judge Customer Success Manager

BiographyHannah holds a bachelorís degree in Geography and Global Health from Middlebury College. She works on the customer success team at Mapbox to lead out enterprise customer implementation. Before joining Mapbox, Hannah co-founded Broad Street Maps, a social enterprise that designed and implemented geographic data collection and analysis projects for community health organizations. Hannah lives in San Francisco, California.AbstractData is getting bigger, faster, more dynamic, and #geospatialbydefault. Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be 20 billion connected devices operating as a vast network of sensors - all of which have a location context. Maps and location analytics are becoming the most important data visual across all sectors. Governments, researchers, organizations, and businesses are looking for tools that can handle this amount of location data smoothly, intuitively, and reliably. The good news is you don't have to start from scratch, or even from code. This session will walk through Mapbox's latest data visualization capabilities - including an overview of integrations with leading BI platforms, including Tableau, Microstrategy, Microsoft Power BI, and more. See how Mapbox's technology can help you understand your operations, communicate your impact, and derive insight from your maps and location data. With applied examples from healthcare, transportation and logistics, communications, disaster response, and research, we will illustrate the power and potential of these tools and invite discussion of what further advances are needed to empower more people to use and understand location data.