Speaker Bio & Abstract

Frank Suykens Chief Innovation Officer

BiographyFrank Suykens leads platform Research & Development, services and pre-sales for Hexagons Geospatial division. As leader of Luciad R & D since 2005, Frank was instrumental in evolving a single startup product into an award-winning 5D software platform. He has also led the Luciad development services team since 2016, a team that helps customers build powerful, real-time applications with the Luciad Portfolio platform. Frank holds a Ph.D in Computer Graphics, researching photo-realistic image synthesis, and a M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium.AbstractThanks to massive demographic and investment shifts, cities are developing new digital strategies for enhancing real-time situational awareness that improves the safety and quality of life for citizens. Ultimately, this can be achieved by creating a smart digital reality to drive all operational efforts. The most forward-thinking cities are already fusing geographic sensor data with business information, transforming domain knowledge and customer workflows into an intelligent information ecosystem, enabling cities to quickly sense, decide, and act as the city grows. Hexagons Geospatial division creates solutions that deliver a 5D smart digital reality with insight into what was, what is, what could be, what should be, and ultimately, what will be to help nations, cities, and sites embrace a smart digital reality.