Speaker Bio & Abstract

Terry McConnell Global Director - Land Asset Integrity
Fugro FV
The Netherlands

BiographyTerry McConnell is currently the Global Director – Land Asset Integrity for Fugro FV. Terry has over thirty years’ of experience collecting remotely sensed data about the earth and its cultural infrastructure. The last five years have been spent transforming Fugro’s Geospatial business line away from just collecting data, towards providing our clients with spatially relevant infrastructure management information and tools.AbstractGeo-data is spatially located data about the earth and its environment; this includes geotechnical, geodetic, geophysical, geospatial, geochemical, geohazard data, etc. For over 50 years Fugro has been the worlds leading Geo-data specialist; collecting and analysing Geo-data above-ground and sub-surface, beneath the sea; from vessels, from aircraft and from terrestrial vehicles. While Fugro is well known for its foundations mechanics work, the word foundation also speaks to the concept of a starting point, or a framework.

The Digital Foundation is a digitized, spatial and Geo-data framework that is the starting point of our clients journey towards digital asset management; creating and extracting value using new, virtual processes for the design, construction and maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

There are three (3) fundamental components to creating the Digital Foundation:
Step 1 - Inventory: Create a spatially accurate, digital framework; both above ground and below the surface.
Step 2 - Analysis & Insight: Using cloud-based digital tooling, assess the spatial relationships of the asset with regards to itself and with the surrounding environment, and accurately locate temporal data trends (IoT sensors) and historical documents.
Step 3 - Performance optimization: Digitally optimize design and asset performance while decreasing personnel exposure time

This presentation will describe the concepts, and provide real-world examples.