Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mike von Wehrt Director, Public Administration, Energy & Public Administration

BiographyMike has been working with local governments’ technical sector over 20 years. His background is in land surveying and he has been an active developer in local government GIS based systems. He has a good understanding of utilizing ICT in city land information processes, and how these processes can be improved. His role within Trimble Solutions is leading his team responsible for customer relationships. He is also a local councillor and chairman on the communal planning board in his hometown, Vihti.AbstractVirtual 3D city twin is versatile tool when planning and utilizing Smart Cities operations. Useful model has several criteria to become valuable. It must be enough accurate and always up-to-date. Versatility requires also that data is modeled, classified, and it is available from standard formats from open web feature services.

Very often city models include just basic data from buildings, but when developing Smart Mobility it is mandatory that main infrastructure data is also available. For example, traffic signs, crosswalks, parking and garden areas, benches are interesting data that can be used many ways. Useful city model data include also assets condition information.

What are the key things to create Up-To-Date 3D city twin