Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ivan Deloatch Executive Director
Federal Geographic Data Committee

BiographyMr. DeLoatch serves as the Executive Director for the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Secretariat. The FGDC leads and supports the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategy and spatial data policy development in the United States. The FGDC also coordinates with international organizations having an interest in spatial data infrastructures. Mr. DeLoatch has over thirty years of experience in environmental and geospatial program policy in many sectors. He has served in many leadership roles on interagency and international committees addressing geospatial and earth observation technical and policy issues in the use of geospatial data and information. He studied at Bowie State University in the University of Maryland System. AbstractPolicies, partnerships, and strategic pathways are necessary to bridge data gaps towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals. AmeriGEO is a framework that seeks to promote collaboration and coordination among Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Members of the American continent, “to realize a future wherein decisions and actions, for the benefit of the region, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information”. The AmeriGEO Community Platform was established as a capacity building capability in 2016 to increase regional capacity to acquire, share, store, maintain and utilize Earth Observation and other data to support understanding and decisionmaking. The user-driven community platform is envisioned to provide local, national and global open data accessible, tools, applications, products and services that support understanding and decision-making.

The AmeriGEOSS community platform brings together social, economic, environmental and other data from a global community of contributors to support communal access, discovery and usability. The AmeriGEOSS Community Platform provides tools and applications that support data visualization, curation, harmonization, integration, analytics, collaboration, co-creation of products and services and other resources that can support capacity building and accelerate understanding and decision-making.

In this presentation Mr. DeLoatch will share how open government and open data policies are being used to strengthen national and regional capabilities to mobilize social, economic, environmental, geospatial and other data to support of the sustainable development goals.