Speaker Bio & Abstract

Rob Van Welsenaere Business Manager, Benelux

BiographyMr Rob Van Welsenaere is the business manager for the Avineons Benelux organization and has over 20 years of experience in IT and geospatial. He mainly works with utilities, telecoms, governmental agencies and large cities where he focusses on data engineering, data exchange, data analytics and data science. His knowledge domains are photogrammetry, 3D modeling, data warehousing, data conversion and GIS-software integration. He has a degree in engineering from Ghent University, and holds an MBA from Vlerick Management School.AbstractGovardhan Jutla | Avineon India In this project textured 3D model for all the buildings in the city of Rotterdam was created. The model also included several landmark bridges that were compliant to the most recent and elaborate data model till date (CityGML2.0) and with SIG3D guidelines. SIG3D is a major player in the OGC standardization process for interoperable semantic model for 3D buildings and landscapes. For this purpose CityGML was developed by SIG3D and standardized by OGC. Avineon created the buildings in a semi-automatic fashion by using LiDAR data. First the LiDAR data classification was enhanced to achieve better automatic modeling results. This was followed by the creation of complex buildings (e.g. churches etc.) manually from stereo-imagery.

Avineon integrated and aligned various 2D basemaps, to make a data model that holds outer ceiling surfaces and still connects topologically to the (combined) basemap. Attributes from the basemap were copied to the 3D model, and the 2D-ID incorporated these links with the 3D model. All external building facades were textured along with oblique imagery. Such was the precision that six landmark bridges were modeled very accurately by making use of the specific bridge-components in the CityGML 2.0 data model. The final data output was delivered in Geodatabase and XML file format.