Speaker Bio & Abstract

Yoshiaki Kinoshita Director, Paris Office
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

BiographyYoshiaki Kinoshita is Director, JAXA Paris Office. He has more than 20 years' experience in space activities. Before his work in Paris, he was responsible for establishing new partnerships with research institutes and private enterprises. He has been actively involved in international collaborations, especially those concerning climate change and sustainable development issues. He received his Bachelor degree in law from Waseda University in 1994 and his Master degree in Business Administration from University of Southern California in 2002. AbstractJapan Aerospace Exploration agency (JAXA) studies potential contribution of Earth observation satellites applications to the implementation of SDGs in selected priority areas. For instance, to contribute to Goal 11, JAXA’s ”Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP)” can grasp the situation on water level of international cross-border rivers. In Bangladesh, the flood forecasting system using GSMaP together with in-situ data makes farmers possible to take appropriate measures in advance. Now, such farmers have several days for harvesting before the flood at upper river flows down to lower areas. Such flood used to cause serious damages to the crops. In addition, it is also the key of success to promote SDGs integrating EO data with other information on GIS systems, because stakeholders would like to have it as geospatial information, especially internet based open web map technology and cloud-based system for decision making. For international projects by ADB, JICA and UN organizations, JAXA provides satellite data with GIS friendly format named CEOS Analysis Ready Data (ARD). In this presentation, JAXA will show some examples of its applications for SDGs with JAXA’s earth observation satellite missions for climate change and disaster monitoring.