Speaker Bio & Abstract

Steffen Rasmussen Head of Projects, Technical and Environmental Administration
City of Copenhagen

BiographyMr. Steffen Rasmussen is Head of Projects at the Technical and environmental administration, City of Copenhagen. Until recently is worked as head of the City’s Traffic and urban life department. Steffen Rasmussen has skills of leading organizations in change, strategic planning, managing processes and building organization.

He has experiences from public administration and governance from several assignments in municipalities, counties and ministries in Denmark. Furthermore, he has earned experiences from working in international context as consultant, technical advisor, project manager and director in African and Latin American Countries. AbstractThe City of Copenhagen belongs to “Greater Copenhagen”, an urban structure that includes municipalities and regions in Southern Sweden. Due to increase in population and work places in the region there is a need for a more efficient use of existing infrastructure.

Smart mobility and intelligent transport solutions can help develop the city and the region. Green mobility is included in the physical planning, and facilities for public transport, walking and cycling are important elements in all new urban development schemes.

The City of Copenhagen aims at being a sustainable, healthy and livable city. Improving mobility for citizens, air quality and traffic safety are important measures. On top of that the City Council has adopted the ambitious goal of being the World’s first carbon neutral capital city.

Smart mobility and Intelligent Transport Solutions are means to improve “Quality of life”. Having the ambitions of being the “World’s Best City for Cycling”, cycling is given high priority. Other smart mobility solutions addressed in the presentation are: Traffic safety, real time traffic information, signal optimizing in a CO2 perspective and mobility as a service.

Also, the need of enhancing digitalization to improve green mobility and control the impact on environment will be addressed.