Speaker Bio & Abstract

Remco Dost Senior Project Manager
The Netherlands

BiographyRemco Dost is a senior project manager with eLEAF. Remco is an Agro-Hydrologist, geo-information specialist and project manager with over 20 years of experience in the field of agriculture, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. His key interest is to convert science into viable agricultural products and services. He has managed, co-organized and participated in complex projects, field campaigns, (university) research and capacity building projects and technical assistance projects for various companies and organizations, such as ESA, EU, ADB and various large agriculture cooperatives and businesses. Remco leads the agricultural and rural development cluster of the European Space Agency (ESA) EO4SD initiative that aims to mainstream earth observation data in the daily operations of the Multilateral Development Banks.Abstract Annemarie Klaasse, Remco Dost | eLEAF
Almudena Velasco Rodriguez | Spacetec
Arjen Vrielink | Satelligence
Eva Haas | GeoVille
Evelyn Aparcio Medrano | Nelen & Schuurmans
Improving agricultural productivity is instrumental to achieve SDG2 (end hunger). This requires sustainable food production systems that use land and water resources more efficient, maintain ecosystems, and are climate resilient. To achieve this, information is a key resource that can be difficult to obtain.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched the Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) initiative to demonstrate to the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and their Client States that satellite Earth Observation based services can support their investments in the planning, operational and evaluation phases. This paper highlights demonstrations performed in Africa, Asia and Latin America in this context. The demonstrations showcased how to measure agricultural productivity, improve water resources management, and foster sustainable land management. Services offered include agricultural productivity assessments, crop area and type estimates, irrigation management, sustainable land management, and environmental impact assessment of agriculture.