Roundtable for Journalists

De-coding Geospatial For The Market
Date: 3 April 2019 | Time: 1130-1300 hrs


Geospatial technology, which has been a great enabler and contributed immensely in global business and development for the past many years, has not been able to perform optimally on one front -- marketing itself and elaborating its utilities to the world. An industry born out of the research labs and space agencies in many cases, it has often been seen as geeky because of its inwardness and inability to connect and communicate with the world in general.

The Journalists Roundtable seeks to break this barrier. The eminent group of media persons present at the conference – both from geospatial domain and mainstream media – are invited to share their views on how the geospatial industry can cut down on the technical jargons, explain its value and utility in simple terms, better communicate with the media and make its presence felt among the masses. The program also seeks to act as an opportunity for media persons on both sides of the spectrum – geospatial journalists as well mainstream media -- to understand each other better and look for possible collaborations for a better messaging from the geospatial industry.