Panel on Growing Role of Geospatial Data Agencies in the Digital Economy

EuroGeographics will facilitate a panel of experts from six European NMCA who are leading the way to ensure Geospatial data is an integral part of the growing Digital Economy. Short sharp 5 minute presentations from the experts will be followed by a facilitated interactive discussion between the panel and audience. Specific focus will be given to the: Democratization of geographic data, how trusted geospatial services can empower society, stimulate innovative solutions for the digital economy and demonstrate how NMCAs work in partnership with other sectors.


Colin Bray, Chief Executive Officer, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Ireland
Colin Bray Chief Executive Officer
Ordnance Survey Ireland
Kristian MØller, Director General, Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency, Denmark
Kristian MØller Director General
Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency
David Henderson, Managing Director, Ordnance Survey Great Britain, United Kingdom
David Henderson Managing Director
Ordnance Survey Great Britain
United Kingdom
Martin Salzmann, Strategy Lead,  Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, The Netherlands
Martin Salzmann Strategy Lead
Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency
The Netherlands
Amalia Velasco Martín-Varés, International Affairs Coordinator, Directorate General for Cadastre, Spain
Amalia Velasco Martín-Varés International Affairs Coordinator
Directorate General for Cadastre
Andreas Hadjiraftis, Chief Lands Officer, Department of Lands and Surveys, Cyprus
Andreas Hadjiraftis Chief Lands Officer
Department of Lands and Surveys